Thank you for access, and welcome to our website.
We are Necodesigns.

Our name “Neco” is coined word. “Ne” means “Network”, and “Co” means Communicate, Cooperate, Connect, and Commit. Our business is aimed mainly trading with a small company (manufacturer) or self employer not only in Japan but also worldwide.
By the way, now we are selling some small products in our webshop. Of course we are preparing to sell our new products. It will be a good collaboration of our new design and Japanese traditional crafts. That is why, we have a good knowledge of Japanese traditional arts and crafts, and we can provide a products of “A real traditional crafts” for our customers. We will never selling “fake” products, and we really wants do so. The real products are made by real material and skillful craftsman. We would like to introduce of that.

If you or your friends knows who aimed to selling their products in Japan, please contact us. Now we really looking for a craftsman/company/manufacturer/wholesaler who can collaboration by advertising, marketing, and any way of business with us.
We hope to make a connection with you by a fair business in Japan, or worldwide.

So,¬† you already know our name Necodesigns. I really thank you about that. But you don’t know our works yet. OK, I will let you about us.

Our main works are:
Import products from Japan to your country
Please let me know what kind of products you want to purchase. We can find anything and everything  in fair price. For example: newest products only selling in Japan, or very old books, magazines, or some documents for your research / collection
Export products to Japan from your country
Advertising planning/making in Japan
I have an experienced a work of advertising, especially worked as a graphic designer for a long time. If you would like to access to Japan market, we can support your activities of advertisement and/or public relations.

You can purchase Japanese products, crafts, arts, and books without cares.
We could find what you want from a little hints of that to purchase in Japan. We can find what you wants. We are a web shop, and also “shopping detective”.

If you consuming a lot of times for try to find in Japan what you wants, please stop immediately and ask me about that. Your time is the most important for your own life. We also really glad that if we could support all kind of your creativities.

We do the best for your business and we glad to do so.

Thank you again,


You can find Japanese products that you want without any kind of difficulties.