8.5.2016 I went to the events of custom car and motorcycle


Yesterday, I went to bay area of Nagoya to see the events of “Speed and Custom Show” and “Off Line Buy and Trade”.




I arrived there around 10:30. events was opened on 10:00 but the motorcycle parking space are already filled up by a entrant’s motorcycle, and a entrants who were lost the chance to parking there were overflowing around of venue. I gave up to park there, and had to find another parking area outside of the venue.

I was run around of huge venue to find the parking area. Then, I found the toll car park near from the venue but an attendant said “here isn’t allowed to parking motorcycle” .
After that, I found a very small parking area at station that located more far from the venue. I gave up again, and I parked my motorcycle there.

At the venue, I met some of my old friends who owned motorcycle shop. We were glad to meet after a long time. We enjoyed some conversation about a scene of Japanese and British classic motorcycle.



An exhibit is maybe not bad, but I thought that is too Americanized and many custom cars and motorcycles are imitate from American custom.
Sadly, some really historical valuable vintage motorcycle were just chopped and custom to ugly style. I couldn’t believable a person who can’t understand the meaning of the heritage of history. For example, this “broken heritage” Indian 4.




After that, I moved to the different venue that holding “Off Line Buy and Trade” to find some old Japanese/Foreign motorcycle parts.

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